Simple Password


As the name implies this is about passwords and doing it simply. This is an app i have personally missed a lot since I do not trust any of the cloud password managers and struggle to find sensible but yet secure passwords for the million of places that require passwords.

How does it work

The basic of the app is two huge dictionaries one Norwegian and one English. The application will pick the number of words specified separated by - to compose a long but yet writeable and even rememberable password.

In addition
The app will randomly change the casing of the first letter from upper to lower or opposite depending on the casing of the original word.
The app will randomly substitute one of the words with a random number and drop the -

The basic interface is simple. Choose your preferred length, language and press go.

Transfer password

Either tap the generated password or use the copy button to copy to the clip board. The clip board on IOS/MAC is universal so you may add to the clipart on your iPhone and paste it on the iPad or the Mac.

To transfer to other system you may generate a QR code and scan that on Android, Windows etc.

Incoming password
If the universal clipboard should fail you may import a password by QR code. This will place the password on the canvas and you may copy it from there.

Contact and feedback
You can reach out to me at or by mail